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Here you will find all our latest news and stories concerning nano technology. Whether you are using NanoLab facilities and services or you are just interested in the science…

On Monday 14 June the Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Mona Keijzer, visited the Quantum Delta NL Center for Quantum Materials and Technology in Eindhoven. During this working visit she was [...]

On 9 April the Netherlands’ National Growth Fund announced to invest €615 million Euro into Quantum Delta NL, to further scale the growth of our national quantum ecosystem. Part of this investment is an [...]

We are in the process of developing and implementing a new Lab Information System called NIS (NanoLabNL Information System). The system enables our lab users to manage and optimize the available resources in all our [...]

  • Experimental setup with lasers in a laboratory

Photonic topological insulators are currently at the forefront of on-chip photonic research due to their potential for loss-free information transport. Realized in photonic crystals, they enable robust propagation of optical states along domain walls. [...]

  • NanoLabNL - High-tech equipment

€ 615 million for nanotech and quantum technology On the 9th of april 2021 The Netherlands’ National Growth Fund awarded NanoLabNL with € 150 million to invest in sustaining and expanding the Dutch [...]

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