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Here you will find all our latest news and stories concerning nano technology. Whether you are using NanoLab facilities and services or you are just interested in the science…

  • Operatorday Eindhoven 2024

Last month, the NanoLab TU/e in Eindhoven hosted a Technician Day for the cleanroom staff. Colleagues from different locations visited the Eindhoven NanoLab and participated in various tours and lectures. The day began with [...]

SoundCell is a company with a mission to improve infectious disease outcomes for patients by speeding up diagnostics. To accomplish this mission, CEO Irek Roslon applied for a NanoLabNL voucher. With this voucher, SoundCell [...]

ICeNd innovates quantum devices for unprecedented real-time metrology. They are developing a deep-tech business of novel semiconductor quantum hardwares for fast material discovery focusing on health, computing, and energy. Thanks to a voucher from [...]

  • Team Rapid Photonics

Rapid Photonics is a startup of the VU University of Amsterdam and has its office and production facility at the Science Park Amsterdam. The facilities of Amolf Nanolab were essential in the company's early [...]

Last December, Paul Tensen of GDI received a NanoLabNL voucher from Frank Dirne (TU/e NanoLab). With this voucher, GDI can spend hours in one of the Cleanrooms for training, guidance and/or the use of [...]

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