NanoLabNL is the Dutch national facility for nanotechnological research and development. Our facilities, knowledge and network in nanotechnology make NanoLabNL the obvious starting point for research, development and production on an atomic scale.

A grand future with small nanostructures

NanoLabNL is the Dutch national facility for nanotechnology research. Since 2003 we have been offering the use of our facilities and expertise to universities, research institutes, start-ups and industry.

The NanoLabNL facilities are an important link in the innovation process from basic idea to product. In this role NanoLabNL supports fundamental research, process and product development and small-scale production.

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NanoLabNL is a foundation comprising supervisory, advisory and executive roles and supported by a program office.

The steering committee is responsible for the daily operations of NanoLabNL. The members represent the partners in NanoLabNL.

  • F.W.A. (Frank) Dirne (NanoLab@TU/e) (Chairman)

  • G.P.M. (Gerard) Roelofs (MESA+ NanoLab Twente)

  • M.R. (Marc) Zuiddam (Else Kooi Laboratory, Delft | Kavli NanoLab)

  • J.G. (Johan) Holstein (Zernike NanoLab Groningen)

  • H. (Hans) Zeijlemaker (AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam)

  • R.A. (Raoul) Oostenbrink (Secretary NanoLabNL)

  • Nick de Jong (TNO, Delft)

The tasks of the steering group include:

  • Implementing the infrastructural investment.
  • Carrying out the agreements reached between the parties on access and pricing.
  • Managing a PR-strategy.
  • Ensuring a sound account of the policy and the resources spent on management of NanoLabNL.
  • Optimisation of cooperating with other industrial facilities in The Netherlands.

The NanoLabNL programme office is run by the University Twente MESA+ Institute.

  • Raoul Oostenbrink (chairman)

  • Gerard Roelofs

  • Annerie Heesink

  • José Effing-Nijhuis

  • Jeanine Valster

  • Sharron Koch

Our mission

Providing a full-service and open-access infrastructure for R&D in nanotechnology

In the field of micro- and nanotechnology, the foundation aims to:

  • Develop, disseminate and continuously update a vision with regard to research facilities
  • Facilitate current and foreseeable research as well as relevant technological developments
  • Monitor and promote the open and national character of the high-quality “nano” research facilities
  • Monitor the alignment of the NanoLabNL facilities and their current and prospective research programs, with (future) (inter) national research agendas
  • Promote the use of NanoLabNL facilities by the business community

NanoLabNL Manifesto

A testimony how a sustained nanotechnology infrastructure can prepare the Netherlands for a role in global transitions.

Download the Manifesto (pdf, 8.2MB)

Collaborations in Nanotechnology

The NanoLabNL ecosystem and infrastructure is essential in several high-tech collaborative research programmes targeting societal challenges.

Collaboration Quantum Delta NL and NanoLabNL

The National Growth Fund Quantum Delta NL focuses on strengthening the Dutch Quantum ecosystem by investing in three Catalyst programmes (quantum computing, quantum networks, and quantum sensing) and four action lines (knowledge base, ecosystem and valorisation, talent, and societal impact). NanoLabNL’s facilities contribute directly to strengthening these programmes and action lines. From the growth fund QDNL, EUR 150 million has been provided to NanoLabNL to invest in maintaining and expanding the Dutch nanotechnology infrastructure.

Thanks to this investment, NanoLabNL will be able to make significant improvements in its facilities and acquire state-of-the-art high-tech equipment. This will further enhance the quality of research and development at the laboratories in Amsterdam, Delft, Eindhoven, Enschede and Groningen, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of quantum research.

Facts & figures

NanoLabNL is featured on the Roadmap Large-scale scientific research and is a vital enabler for science and business:

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Locations & facilities

NanoLabNL is a Dutch national facility for nanotechnology research. Since 2003 we have been offering the use of our facilities and expertise to universities, research institutes, start-ups and industry at 5 locations in the Netherlands.


Zernike NanoLab


MESA+ NanoLab




Kavli NanoLab | Else Kooi Lab | TNO NanoLab



Nano technology facilities and laboratories in The Netherlands | NanoLabNL

A broad European perspective

NanoLabNL is one of the leading consortia of its kind in Europe, as is reflected in its central role as a founding partner of the European consortium of nanotechnology research facilities EuroNanoLab.