If you are a first time user and would like to get more acquainted with what NanoLabNL has to offer, you may be eligible for a voucher to help you get started. This voucher can be exchanged for time spent in the cleanroom to learn the ropes.

Voucher guidelines

  • A voucher has a value of €7500 incl. VAT, an equivalent of 50-75 cleanroom hours.
  • Elegibility is reserved for companies registered with the Chamber of Commerce, that intend to use the NanoLabNL facilities for the first time.
  • Companies that have previously received a NanoLabNL voucher are therefore excluded.
  • Companies that have previously submitted an application but were unsuccessful, can resubmit.
  • A voucher can be used for training, guidance and equipment use at any NanoLabNL location. The work must be conducted independently, under the supervision of- and/or in cooperation with one of the NanoLabNL technicians, if necessary. Contract research is excluded.
  • A voucher is valid for one year as of date of issue.
  • Any Intellectual Property during the voucher period is owned by the awardee.
  • Upon project completion the awardee must draft a concise report
  • A NanoLabNL voucher can be requested at any time and is dealt with on a first come, first serve basis. Availability is bound by budgetary restraints.

Apply for a voucher

Application for a NanoLabNL voucher is currently temporarily disabled. Please check availability again at a later date.