MESA+ NanoLab Twente is the state-of-the-art research facility that can boast an absolutely first-rate cleanroom and advanced analysis possibilities. The laboratory is freely accessible to researchers and entrepreneurs. Over 400 people use the laboratory every year, and almost 40% of its turnover is generated by  dozens of businesses engaged in research and development or small-scale production in the MESA+ NanoLab.

University of Twente
Building nr. 16: NanoLab
Hallenweg 15
7522 NB Enschede

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Focus areas & technologies at MESA+ / Enschede

The expert technologies below are available at this location / laboratory and unlikely to be found anywhere else in the country. To make use of these techniques and facilities, you can contact the specific location / laboratory.

Characterization / metrology

Micro/nano MEMS, – fluidics,
– electronics and – optics
Advanced analysis facilities


Deep reactive Ion Etching


Nano devices/materials



Materials / growth