Throwback at a successful Operatorday in Groningen

Operatorday Groningen

Last week, the Zernike NanoLab in Groningen organised an Operator Day for Cleanroom technicians. Colleagues from other locations visited the Zernike NanoLab and received various tours and lectures.

The tour started with a warm welcome and lunch, followed by talks by Niko Tombros (hq graphene), Artem Shulga (QDI systems) and J.G. Holstein (RUG). After these lectures, visitors were given a tour of the Feringa Building construction site and there was an opportunity to visit the glass and mechanical workshop. The day ended with a tour of FND and a talk by student speakers (Physics of Nanodevices). Finally, there was a nice dinner together in the evening to round off a successful day. Below is a photo report of the day.

Photos: Hans de Vries and René Wolf

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