NanoLabNL Information System (NiS) fully rolled out

Our new NanoLabNL Information System (NIS) has been developed and implemented. This month, the NanoLab in Twente became the last location connected to the system. With Twente connected to the NIS, all our lab users at all our locations can effectively use all the techniques and equipment available from NanoLabNL, regardless of where lab users and facilities are located.

About NIS

NIS is a new Information System to support all the consortium partners based on the experiences from the MESA+ Information system and Living DataBase from Phoenix. The full-service system has at least twenty modules that provide information on lab equipment of all our locations, show the availability of facilities, enable users to make reservations and perform more advanced functions like fair use policy of equipment and project management. There is also an opportunity to inform all lab users at one time. 

Are you interested in a demo or more information? Please, contact Gerard Roelofs (

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