European Cleanroom platform meeting 2024

Last week, the NanoLab of the MESA+ Institute hosted the annual European Cleanroom Platform at the University of Twente in Enschede. Cleanroom managers and facility engineers visited Enschede to share information and knowledge.

22 participants from different European countries joined the two-day filled program. There was a lot of room for exchanging expertise on cleanroom activities. In an informal setting, different topics were discussed, such as energy savings, safety in a cleanroom, how to improve cleanroom use, how to train good new engineers in this field, etc.

A lot of experience is sitting together sharing their knowledge which is fruitful and improves the cooperation in different technical/technological areas. Gerard Roelofs, Head NanoLab at the MESA+ Institute: “Sharing information in this setting gives energy to work on reducing energy consumption. Thanks everyone for the contribution!”

The Cleanroom Platform event has existed for more than 23 years and has always been beneficial for most of our partners. The next meeting will be in September 2024 in Copenhagen at DTU Nanolab.

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