GDI received a NanoLabNL voucher

GDI received a NanoLabNL voucher

Last December, Paul Tensen of GDI received a NanoLabNL voucher from Frank Dirne (TU/e NanoLab). With this voucher, GDI can spend hours in one of the Cleanrooms for training, guidance and/or the use of equipment.  

About GDI

Juan Diaz, European Technical Director at GDI, submitted the request for a voucher for the research called ‘100% Si anodes in-depth analytical characterization’. “NanoLabNL presents a unique opportunity for GDI, as we are able to use state-of-the-art facilities to perform advanced characterization of our anode material. NanoLabNL enables us to improve the performance of our unique 100% Si anode based on a fundamental understanding of its structural and compositional properties at the nanoscale.”

GDI’s 100% Silicon Anode unlocks superior battery performance. GDI’s patented silicon battery materials outperform standard lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, they enable emerging solid-state batteries. GDI batteries use the power of silicon to achieve faster charging times, higher energy density and superior safety. GDI will use the hours in the cleanroom of TU/e Eindhoven to perform advanced characterization of silicon anodes for batteries.

Want to know more about GDI? Visit their website.

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