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Here you will find all our latest news and stories concerning nano technology. Whether you are using NanoLab facilities and services or you are just interested in the science…

Our new NanoLabNL Information System (NIS) has been developed and implemented. This month, the NanoLab in Twente became the last location connected to the system. With Twente connected to the NIS, all our lab [...]

  • Operatorday Groningen

Last week, the Zernike NanoLab in Groningen organised an Operator Day for Cleanroom technicians. Colleagues from other locations visited the Zernike NanoLab and received various tours and lectures. The tour started with a warm [...]

Last week, Queen Máxima visited the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI); the center of photonics research in Eindhoven. Students and scientists could count on warm interest and well-informed questions from the queen. The railings [...]

Recently, new facilities have been installed in the MESA+ NanoLab at the University of Twente. Below, you'll find an overview of  these three new facilities. MLA150 The MLA150 provides non-contact exposure, outstanding [...]

On Friday, 20 January 2023, Guus Rijnders handed over a NanoLabNL voucher to Carlo Alberto Paggi, co-founder of chiron. chiron can exchange this voucher for hours spent in one of the Cleanrooms for training, [...]

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